MAX Chain Lube Heavy

MAX Chain Lube Heavy

MAX Chain Lube ( Heavy ) Red

A formulated blend of high quality mineral & synthetic oil ( anti rust / anti wear addictive ) ( Imported from Germany )
MAX Chain Lube is COLOUR CODED. It gives EASY IDENTIFICATION which LUBE you are using.
It penetrates into chain pin and bush area, which forms a long lasting lubricant film
Designed for high load running chain, sprocket and gear
SAFE for metal, plastics & rubber


- Extend chain life
- resists high rpm sling-off
- Water proof / Dust Proof / Anti Rust / Lubrication
- Heavy ( Muddy & Wet Condition ) / Especially for Mountain Bike
- Super smooth chain operation, reduces noise & vibration
- resists hot & cold wash
- 60 ml

How to use

- Please wash chain clean, towel dry
- Drop a small amount to the chain
- May need to apply 2-3 times for the whole chain.
- 60 ml bottle will give you 10-15 times treatment