MAX Anti Vibration Tape for Handlebar

MAX Anti Vibration Tape for Handlebar

Bicyle: How Vibration Destroys Machines and affect you.

When a designer design a bike. There’s limitation when it comes to a bicycle as weight, engineering restriction nor space allows bike engineer to design efficiently.

Vibration is one of the worst things for a bike and can be one of the most difficult aspects to control. Vibrations not only cause damage to the machine, but they can cause extra noise around the moving parts, which can be annoying & devastating effect to both bike and rider.

Controlling or getting rid of these vibrations can be difficult, and there are many we use to help with this problem.

One most effective way to get rid of vibrations is to use dampening material. This is basically a visco-elastic substance that can be worked into your machine in various ways. The substance has elastic properties and it is very useful in engineering for controlling machine vibration. This is what made our MAX Anti Vibration Pad.

Affects on a cyclists

Vibration will cause great harm to our body. It can cause extreme stress to a cyclist's hands, arms, legs and back physically.

Long term riding will cause hand numbness, backache, fatigue ( tiredness ) lead to untoward incident, ability to make good judgement, losing of control of your bike etc.

All these can affect a cyclists performance on a bike and even your enjoyment for riding.

MAX Anti Vibration Strip – Your solution to a vibration free ride.

The tape is easy to put on, comes with self adhesive.

How to use: Peel protection firm and wrap at the selecting area of your choice. Pls use diagram for reference where vibration is mostly found. After the vibration tape is put on, you can use your regular handle bar tape

Regular Handle Bar Tape Size X Length is 3 meters