IB Pro Start ( REDS ) 12V

IB Pro Start ( REDS ) 12V


IB-Prostart Element Heater - REDS

The heater makes engine starting a breeze and engine break in much easier. Works especially good in cold weather and indoor tracks where engine idling is not permitted before you race. Heats engine head to 200*F within 5-15 minutes depending on ambient temperature.
  • Details


    - Pre-heats all critical engine parts for easy starting
    - Removes stress from connecting rod during starting
    - Allows faster engine tuning since engine is already up to operating temp upon start up
    - May increase engine life expectancy by up to 100%
    - Small and lightweight for easy storage


    - Place the heater over the engine cooling head and keep the wire facing the rear wing
    - Plug the connector to 12 volts of power (11.1v 3S LiPo battery or other 12V power source
    - Pre heat cycle is from 5-15 minutes based on the ambient temperature
    - Disconnect the power when pre heat is finished
    Carefully remove the heater
    Put heater it in a safe place


    - Make sure to disconnect before removing the heater
    - Never refuel your vehicle while using the heater
    - Do not touch the element after using (Extremely Hot), it will cause burns.
    - Make sure to unplug the heater when not in use and keep in a safe place after using
    - People less than 15 years old should be supervised by an adult when using the heater
    - We will not take responsibility of any damage or injury during use or storage of this heater. User accepts all the responsibilities for the safe use of this product
    - The heater comes with a male deans connector to connect to a LiPo battery as these are the most common type