AM-170040 Set-Up System For 1/8 Off-Road

This is the Arrowmax 1/10 Off-Road Set-Up System. Having the best chassis setup is critical if you want to win. This set-up system is precision machined from high-grade aluminum, and rigid acrylic, with precise engraving for instant, reliable readings. Packaged in a nice box with foam inserts for comfortable and safe storage, and the honey comb design helps to keep the tool lightweight and provide the unmistakable Arrowmax look.
  • Details

    AM-199414 AM Honeycomb Anniversary Limited edition (Black Golden)Toolset (10pcs) with Tools bag Included:

    AM-410115-B Allen Wrench 1.5 X 120MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-410120-B Allen Wrench 2.0 X 120MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-410125-B Allen Wrench 2.5 X 120MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-410130-B Allen Wrench 3.0 X 120MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-420120-B Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.0 X 120MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-420125-B Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.5 X 120MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-450155-B Nut Driver 5.5 X 100MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-450170-B Nut Driver 7.0 X 100MM Black Honeycomb
    AM-490020-B Small Reamer With End Cap For Lexan Body Black Honeycomb
    AM-190025-B Multi Shock Clamp V2 (Black)
    AM-199401 AM Embroidery Tool Bag

    To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Arrowmax, Am decide to launch a new set of 10pcs tool combo. Made with state of the art bi-color anodizing, the black and gold combination makes these honey comb design tools stand out from the crowd. Come with the 10 most used tools . This tools set come with a elegant bi-color anodizing that showcaseing Arrowmax advancement on Tools making technology and the continous persude on innovations. These sets are strictly limited available for order now. while stock last.