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MAX Racing New Flip top bottle
Top cap with weight printed for easy identification
Shock and Diff Silicone Oil​ - 70 ml

Shock Oil -  200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 , 500,  550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900

​Diff Oil - 1 000, 2 000, 3 000, 4 000,  5 000, 6 000, 7 000,

8 000,

10 000,15 000, 20 000, 25 000, 30 000, 40 000, 50 000, 60 000, 70 000, 80 000, 90 000, 100 000

Assorted Lubricant

​Air Filter Oil, After Run Oil, Light Bearing Oil, Hinge Pin Lube, Engine Assembly Oil, Thread Lock - Medium & Strong

Tyre Cleaner

A safe, efficient and easy way to clean your tyres and wheels for better bond and gluing. It is safe for your hands too.

Please watch the video to see its effectiveness and simple way to clean your tyres and wheels before gluing.

The photo shows by gently wiping gently for 2 rounds around the tyres. Removes most of the residues and dirt.


Grease - BK, HD & WH

HD Grease - Differential / Hi temp / Water Proof

BK Grease - ALL Drive Train, Gear, UJ & CVD

WH Grease - Electronics SAFE - Servo Gears

( Special: HI TEMP )


Now comes with easy dispensing syringe


Tune Pipe Spring, Manifold Spring, Brake Caliper Spring, Tune Pipe Holder - Made from JIS Stainless Steel rod )

Glue Tip, .21 Engine Gasket,

Miniature Ball Bearings

Specification: Stainless Steel Ball ( Stainless Steel prevents rust ) Steel Cage, Hi Temp Grease, ABEC 5

Available Sizes

For:- Serpent, XRAY, Kyosho, Mugen, Team Losi, Associated, Agama, Hongnor, Traxxas, Durango, Tamiya, Axial,

Motonica, Shepherd, HPI, Hobao, OFNA, Team C

Bearings Sizes

5X8X2.5 mm
5X10X4 mm
5X11X4 mm
5X12X4 mm
5X13X4 mm
5X10X4 mm Flange
6X10X3 mm
6X10X3 mm Flange
6X12X4 mm
6X13X5 mm


8X14X4 mm
8X14X4 mm Flange
8X16X5 mm
10X15X4 mm
10X16X4 mm
12X18X4 mm
12X21X5 mm
13X19X4 mm
15X21X5 mm

1/2X 3/4 X 5/32 inch




MAX Racing Fuel Bottle

Tyre Gluing Band - ( 4 pcs )


Volume - 500 cc

3 colours

( Blue, Light Tamiya Blue and Orange )


Comes with - 2 special inset cap 

Oils conversion chart from
Losi - American wt ( weight )
MAX - World Standardised (cst ) viscosity



Please note, Max Silicone oil for shocks and differential are blend according to the world standard. Cst Industrial Grade ( Centistoke )


You may find our oils lighter or heavier viscosity in comparison to other BRANDS in the market. That doesn't represent poor QUALITY in our oils. You may need slight adjustment in terms of the viscosity eg MAX 500 Shock oil may or may not equivalent to BRAND XXX 500 oils. Every brand have it's own blending methods.


Our MAX Racing Team which comprises of 30+ local and oversea drivers who have been testing and using our products for years. Constantly improving over the years and bring excellent racing results in both home and overseas races.


Our oils are blend in a different way. MAX oils are guaranteed to have the same viscosity bottle after bottle and batch after batch. Consistency is the KEY. Equals consistency performance.


Thank you


MAX Racing Products