MAX Cycling

MAX Chain Lube for bicycle - Ultra Dry, Dry, Wax &  Wet


A formulated blend of high quality mineral & synthetic oil ( anti rust / anti wear addictive )

MAX Chain Lube is COLOUR CODED. It gives EASY IDENTIFICATION which LUBE you are using.

It penetrates into chain pin and bush area, which forms a long lasting lubricant film

Designed for high load running chain, sprocket and gear

SAFE for metal, plastics & rubber


Chain Lube - Ultra light, Light & Heavy




- Extend chain life

-  resists high rpm sling-off

- Water proof / Dust Proof / Anti Rust / Lubrication

- Ultra Light ( For dry condition )

- Light ( For dry to semi wet condition )

- Heavy ( For muddy wet condition )

- Super smooth chain operation, reduces noise & vibration

- resists hot & cold wash

- 60 ml

MAX Brake Disc Oil - Mineral /Dot 5.1


MAX Brake Disc Oil oil does not absorb water & lubricates

the whole braking hydraulic system.


- Great consistency in performance & reliability

- Oil is manufactured using the best lubricant / additives

- For Shimano, Tektro & Magura Brake System oil ( Mineral )

- For SRAM, Hope & AVID Brake System oil ( Dot 5.1 )

- Protects 0-ring, will not corrode aluminium parts





MAX Shock oil
1. MAX Shock Oil - 7 WT
2. MAX Shock Oil - 10 WT
3. MAX Shock Oil - 20 WT







- For suspension and shock

- 100% Pure, High Quality Competition Blend Oil

- Maintain consistent performance even during

extreme changes in weather in conditions.


For shock fill capacity, please refer to your

suspension component's service manual for

specified oil volumes and weights.

MAX Chain Cleaner
  • A powerful cleaner specially for bike’s chain &

  • cassette

  • Powerful and yet SAFE for metal, aluminium, rubber

  • and plastics

  • Chain cleaner  makes big cleaning job looks easy and safe


- MAX Chain Cleaner is biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-corrosive.

- Specially for FAST Removal of dirt, oil and grease ( Chain / Casssette )



- 500 ml

MAX Bike Polish


For keeping your bike in tip top condition.

Use this product to keep your bike away from dust, mud and dirt.

Renew the shine in your bike.



 - Non abrasive formula. Will not scratch your bike

- Works on metal, aluminium, alloy, rubber and plastics

- Protects your bike from rust after washing or before riding in the rain

- Water resistant

- Simple to use, just wipe on.

- 60 ml


How to use:-

 - Apply MAX Polish onto a clean cloth and apply to surface / parts

- Caution: Please avoid using the Polish where the brake contact areas such wheels and brake pad

MAX Fork / Drpper Post Oil



- MAX Fork / Dropper post oil is formulated specifically for all oil damped bicycle forks, which will not be thicken or thin due to the temperature

- Consistent and predictable damping in all riding conditions.

- Suspension to work at its peak potential, and is designed to maximize the performance of your suspension



-  maintaining your suspension forks, is keeping the fork well lubricated.

- Allowing the oil pools in the lower part of the fork legs, and from here it helps to lubricate the bushes and seals within the fork, allowing it to move smoothly and without friction.

- To keep the oil in, and the dirt out, suspension forks contain a number of seals.


MAX Teflon Grease

- Specially formulated Blend

- For Cable wire, deraileur, gasket, bearing, shocks & maintainance

- Reduces Friction, heat & water proof




MAX Anti Seize

Use on parts subjected to load and parts subjected to water


- Use for assembly bike parts & on parts subjected to load and moist conditions

- Prevent bolt and threaded parts from seizing / locking up

- for stems, pedal, crank, seat posts and bottom bracket

- Suitable metals: aluminum, titanium, carbon steel, magnesium, alloy





MAX Carbon Clamp

-Specially formulated paste to create friction and reduce slip in carbon parts surfaces

- Prevents carbon parts from slipping

- Prevents overtighten of clamps and screws hold the carbon parts

- Prevents the scratches to the parts applied

- Use in handle bar, stems, seat set and any parts made from carbon fibre




MAX Coloured WAX Lube



- Special WAX Blend

- Water proof / Anti Rust / Lubrication

- Extremely clean

- Easy to apply and remove by degreaser

- No hot boiling required

- This chain lube will give colours to your chain


How to use


- Brush the WAX against your chain and use your fingers to even it out




MAX Premier Bearing Oil




- Special Formulated Blend

- Water proof / Anti Rust / Lubrication

- Specially for Ceramics & Steel Bearings

- Reduce Drivetrain & Bearing Friction


How to use


- Oil comes in a pointed needle cap bottle

- Allows application to the tightest area

- Drop and wipe off excess

- Premium Lubricating oil

- Design for lubricating bearings, bush, metal to metal contact area





MAX WAX Chain Cream

( Non coloured )




- Special WAX Blend

- Water proof / Anti Rust / Lubrication

- Extremely clean

- Easy to apply and remove by degreaser

- No hot boiling required

- This chain lube will NOT give colours to your chain


How to use


- Use the provided brush and apply to chain and chain





MAX Stainless Steel GP and DUB Crank Bolt

Self-removing crank fixing bolt for GXP / DUB bottom bracket of various Sram and Truvativ cranks


Tired of worn or broken crank bolt due to bad tolerance of the conventional bolt ??

Waste more $$$ due to frequent change of new bolt due to worries of worn / broken crank bolt??

Our crank bolt will allow you to wrench your bike with ease for a very long time



- We made our crank bolt out of stainless steel which is 2X harder than conventional replacement alloy bolt. Last forever.

- Stainless steel is anti corrosion, anti rust and super strong. No more seize crank bolt, broken or worn bolt.

- No modification needed. Perfect fit >> All you need is to replace the crank bolt and reuse the washer and shim in your crank

- Thread is original and will fit into your GXP/DUB crank without hassle. Smooth and fitting

- Our bolt also have tighter tolerate so when you wrench, you are putting pressure on all 6 side of the hex wall instead of the corners.

   ( The stock bolt had too much play, causing many worn bolt )

Get one today, Our GXP/DUB  bolt and worry free.

Wrench your bike/crank with ease

Keep riding in any condition.

GXP Bolt Nut Compatibility

( Crank bolt GXP with integrated crank puller M15/M26 )

 Sraam: Stylo, Noir, XX, XX1, X01, X1, X0, X9, X7, X5, GX, NX

 Truvativ: Rouleur, Omnium, Force, Force 22, Rival 1, Rival 22, Force 1, Red, Red 22

DUB Bolt Nut Compatibility

( Crank DUB bolt  with integrated crank puller M18/M30 )





MAX DUB Crank Extractor Cover tool

- To open your SRAM DUB Crank extractor cover

- The tool is a direct fit and will not scratch any paint work from

your crank

- It is small in size ( 138 mm length X 13 mm in width ) 

-  It a very small, handy tool and easily slip into your pocket or

tool bag when you are out on the trail.

- Material: Stainless Steel ( No rust )

Compatibility - Crank Tool for integrated crank cover M18/M30





RB / MTB top tube protector


Protect your expensive frame from sweat, corrosion and scratches which save you from expensive replacement. repainting services and warranty worries.


Made from high quality film, waterproof, sun resistant and very tough


With 3 flashy design to choose from.

It will definitely made your bike better looking and well protected




MAX Co2 - 16 gm & 25 gm


For on the trail, emergency air supply for reinflating