JVD Racing Clutch ( Holland )


JVD Racing clutch is World famous for it's reliability and consistency in clutch setup.  The clutch allows your car to be driven idle better, easy tuning of the engine, perform more consistently, more acceleration out of the corner and easy to jump over obstacles in any offroad track in the world.


On the other hand, it's construction allows minimum wear to clutch shoes. JVD shoes are able to withstand up to 2 gallons of fuel or more before require changing.


JVD 90409A - 32 mm for Kyosho ( 4 pcs clutch system ) 

JVD 90409 - 34 mm for all cars ( 4 pcs clutch system ) 

JVD 90410 - 4 pcs clutch set c/w 12 springs 

JVD 90510 - 3 pcs clutch set c/w 6 springs - Can be use in all cars 

( Standard ) No tool necessary. Just use existing flywheel of your car.

JVD 90411 - Tool for removing 4 pcs clutch set only