MAX Cycling Coloured WAX Chain Lube


Most WAX in the present market are difficult to apply or removing.

Some wax require chemical to melt the wax down in order to provide some protection

Some would requires hot boiling to apply and removing wax from the chain


We have a solution to your problems.


We created a new formula in WAX chain lube.

It is easy to apply and remove.

Simply press against your bike’s chain to apply and use degreaser to remove


Besides our wax chain lube is clean, it contains synthetic lubricant to prevent component wear, ensuring your component work best when shifting and quiet and keep it well lubricated at all times regardless the weather conditions.



We have tested months prior to the release of our chain wax in various conditions, eg hot, dry, wet and muddy condition in our tropical weather and it all passed our stringent requirement


Our wax chain lube come in 4 colours (tube ) in a pack which is pink, orange, indigo and green

Each tube is 10 grams which gives you a total of 40 grams  and will last you months.

Bigger pack comes in 40 grams tube

Non Coloured WAX only available in 30 grams can


MAX O Vibration Handlebar

For minimise pain to your hand/palm when cycling. Vibration from your hands to your body can cause long term injuries, we  have created a new handle bar which will draw up to 70 percent or more away from your palm to your body. Therefore you can enjoy more and ride more often

MAX Chamois Cream


Anti bacteria formulated with deep moisturising and protect skin from chafing. Prevent skin to clothing friction


Protects athletes in cycling, triathlon, running and endurance sports


MAX Saddle Sore Curing Cream


Formulated to cure athletes skin suffering from saddle sores resulted ftom chafing


It will help the affected area to heal quicker and feel less pain


Available now

MAX Coloured & NON Coloured WAX Chain Lube ( Your solution to a CLEAN Chain )

- WAXED Based & contains Lubricant

- Reduce chain wear, improve shifting and extremely CLEAN

- Easy to apply and remove to / from your chain during cleaning ( No hot boiling required )

Now available in 10 gm, 40 gm tube for Coloured WAX and 30 gm can for NON Coloured WAX

( Please note our ALL our WAX contains LUBRICATION to ensure smooth shifting, minimise component wear and a quiet ride )

MAX Stainless Steel GXP & DUB Crank Bolt 

- 2X more tensile strength than conventional alloy bolt

- Anti corrosion, Anti Rust, Better Hex Tolerance and Anti Metal Fatigue

- FOR SRAM / Truvativ GXP Bottom Bracket - Crank Only

Distributors  for the following:-​
MAX Racing / MAX Cycling ( Malaysia )
Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand








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